ImexDop CT+

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Carefusion Natus  Nicolet ImexDop CT+ Vascular & Obstetric Doppler

The innovative IMEXDOPCT+ carries forward the acclaimed features, which have made CareFusion NeuroCare a world leader in Doppler technology, reliability, quality and sensitivity. No other product can match the value provided by a CareFusion Doppler. The IMEXDOPCT+ uses the leading ultrasound crystal and microchip technologies along with the unique probe design used in the Pocket-Dop II™. These are incorporated into a counter top-size unit for high quality sound and ease-of-use.

Arterial sounds pulsate with every heart beat and venous sounds are spontaneous with respiration. The sound a vein produces is similar to that of a wind storm.
These characteristic sounds are heard easily and can be utilized to determine if a vessel is diseased.

More Features for Your Investment Once you use the IMEXDOPCT+™, you’ll understand why Nicolet Vascular is known for giving you more features for your investment. From the easy-to-use touch controls to the unique smart-charging stand, we included all of the features our customers asked for in a Doppler system. We’re confident the features of the IMEXDOPCT+ will surpass the requirements of even the most demanding user. The reliability and performance of the IMEXDOPCT+ has been proven with years of experience and thousands of units in use.